OASE JumpingJet Rainbow Star

A water feature like the pros - because with the extension set, the attractive effect of the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star can be doubled. And that's completely uncomplicated, because you simply use the existing Jumping Jet Rainbow Star to connect the second Jumping Jet.
The water arches, which are up to 2 m high and you want to walk through, shine in all the colors of the rainbow. The water jet can form a distance of up to 4 m, which you can even "fly" through the air with a "cut-off function". Variations in colour, light intensity, beam widths and beam heights are recorded in programs that you can conveniently select from the basic set using the remote control from a distance of up to 80 m. Outside of the programs, the jet width and height can also be individually adjusted.
The set also includes a hose with hose clamps, 2 cables and a Y-distributor. Strong OASE quality, because you receive a total of up to 3 years guarantee - 2 plus 1 year requirement guarantee.
  • Fountain with coloured LED lighting
  • Programs with colour, light, and water effects can be selected by remote control
  • An additional JumpingJet Rainbow Star can be connected to the set

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