What are the benefits of pond fountains?

What are the benefits of pond fountains?

December 12, 2022

A beautiful fountain in a pond adds a relaxed vibe and can be the epitome of luxury. Your garden or outdoor space should be an oasis, a retreat. A space where you and your loved ones can go to escape and enjoy a zone of calm and tranquillity away from the daily hustle and bustle.


Most pumps are fixed, that is, the pump unit and outlet are in one place. A floating fountain is a fantastic alternative that is extremely easy to install and adds a totally different look to your pond or feature. With very little effort a floating fountain can transform both your garden and water feature.


How a floating pond fountain improves your home

There’s no doubt that a pond or water feature brings a host of wonderful aspects to your home and garden. Beyond the obvious aesthetic improvements, they also add those things that are very real yet harder to define – calm, relaxation, atmosphere and ambience.

To take these impacts to the next level, and keep your pond healthy and sparkling clean, you need to add a pump to circulate and aerate water.


A simple and gorgeous way to do this is by adding a floating fountain with a submersible pond pump. These efficient and easy-to-install units will add instant ‘wow!’ to just about any larger pond or feature while they help to keep the water sparkling clean.


Advantages of a stunning floating fountain

We all want to own a dream home, with a beautiful garden or outdoor space complemented of course by a stunning (and chic) water feature. While we may not all be able to afford that mega-mansion by the beach, adding an attractive feature and fountain is absolutely achievable and brings a host of wonderful benefits:


Relaxing atmosphere

Achieving tranquillity at home is the ideal end goal of designing any outdoor space. As well as providing soothing sounds and an enticing atmosphere, pond fountains add an eye-catching point of interest to tie the entire garden together or to draw people into the space.

Fountains create an atmosphere that is both relaxing and delightful. A water feature also adds a new aspect to your garden, you are instantly creating new opportunities for planting, both in and around a feature improving the overall garden ambience.


Healthy ecosystem

A floating water fountain is perfect for attracting beautiful, natural wildlife to your garden, from birds to dragonflies to frogs. With a healthy aerated water source in place, you’ll soon notice fascinating dragonflies zooming around your yard, add some flowering pond plants and tiny native bees will love it too. At night frogs will appear seemingly from nowhere. This all makes it a beautiful spot to relax, entertain and even educate your little ones about our natural environment. 

And don’t worry about mosquitoes breeding in your feature. Once you add a fountain they’ll be discouraged from laying their eggs. 


Hidden benefits

Whether you live in the city or outer suburbs, the noise pollution from traffic and construction is having an impact on your quality of life - whether you notice it or not. A quality floating pond fountain generates a level of calming and noise-cancelling ‘white noise’ that helps mask all those unwanted and stressful noises of the suburbs.

When you add water plants your feature is helping towards creating a healthy environment by generating clean, fresh oxygen. 

And did you know that a pond fountain works like a mini air-conditioner? Air is cooled as water falls through it so on a warm day sitting near your pond isn’t just calming, it can be cooling too!


Increased property value

A well-constructed pond or water feature can become a true landscape asset. When it comes time to sell your home it can be an element that add real value to your outdoor spaces. Water features are also the type of element that people feel emotional attachments, they soften moods and outlooks, so they can shift people towards buying with their hearts, not just their heads.


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