Filtral UVC

Filtral UVC

February 25, 2021

OASE Filtral UVC, a compact multi-function solution suitable for  smaller-sized ponds. This Filter and Clarifier built-in-one is easy to install, you can even just plug-and-play the moment you take it out of it’s packaging. 
The Filtral comes with two different filter-sponges as well as bio-surface elements and ceramics to ensure mechanical and biological cleaning of your pond, with UVC power for clear and healthy water. 

Practical clips around the Filtral housing for quick opening, allowing cleaning to be done easily, without dismantling the nozzle fixture. 

Comes with 3 different nozzle attachments for 3 different fountain effects – according to your preference. Package also includes telescopic extension for adapting the nozzle to the pond surface and T-piece for operating sprouts and watercourses. 

There is also individual adjustment of flow rate and fountain height for this product and it allows submersed installation which does not affect the attractive appearance of small ponds.